Shrimp Aquaculture Technology in Greenhouse

In recent years, application of high technology agriculture to Viet Nam aquaculture is not out of reach of many people. That is many farmer are using greenhouse technology to their shrimp farming.

Shrimp farming technology in the greenhouse has been applied in many countries around the world for a long time, such as: USA, Australia, China, etc. and this method proves that the shrimp yield are increase many times compared to the traditional outside shrimp farming.

Nuôi tôm trong nhà kính công nghệ cao
Nuôi tôm trong nhà kính công nghệ cao

That is the motivation for VPEB GREENHOUSE to perfect our greenhouse structure to serve the commercial shrimp farming.

With the firmly greenhouse structure that can withstand under the wind speed of 110 km / h (this specification can be adjusted at as the request of the investor). We are committed that the quality of greenhouse is the best suitable for growing shrimp, and suitable for different environments and climate.

The objective of VPEB GREENHOUSE is to bring the best infrastructure for reaching the peace of mind in production of investors and farmer, they will have best conditions for growing high quality commercial shrimp, production increased and more stable economy.

VPEB GREENHOUSE has a experienced professional and high qualification designer team, they would be willing to support investors to offer the optimal solution for all areas, unlimited location, climate and cost.

The outstanding advantage of the shrimp greenhouse

  • Creating the most favorable environment for shrimp to grow.
  • Create an interior space that is separated from the outside environment.
  • Easily manage the temperature and water environment in the growing area, the diversified type of greenhouse will be suitable for all farming areas.
  • Not affected by the natural environment as traditional breeding pond outside
  • Disease cab be controlled on shrimp and limited disease on the farming area.
  • Increasing survival and density of the shrimp in the pond.
Ưu điểm nuôi tôm trong nhà kính
Ưu điểm nuôi tôm trong nhà kính

Technical specifications

Single side fixed roof greenhouse (Aperture: 9.6m)
Column D76, thickness 1.8 mm, framing is used high-intensity strength galvanized steel pipe
Aperture: 9.6 m
Height to gutter: 4850 cm
Height to the roof: 8900 cm
The pillar is firmly fixed by concrete
The fixed roof is covered by an anti-insect net 32 mesh
Sliding doors, steel frames, and film coating
The greenhouse is covered with 200 μm cover film. (Israel, Belgium, Korea)
Có ban công trượt gió
Balcony for sliding wind direction
Walls are covered film and anti-insect net to create the space for circulation inside and outside of the greenhouse.

Attached System or Equipment

High tech shrimp farming equipment
Humidity air and temperature control system
Automatic opened-closed roof control system


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