Greenhouse cover film

Greenhouse cover film need to be provided by the prestigious brands and its quality will be guaranteed.

Besides many factors such as the rational location, the certainty of steel farming, Greenhouse cover film must also be carefully selected to suit the needs and the purpose of using. There are many types of Greenhouse cover film on the market including imported films from Israel, Belgium, Japan, Korea and, cover films are made in Vietnam. Not only diverse in types, greenhouse cover film also diverse in terms of price, the price of cover film influenced quality and longevity. Therefore, greenhouse cover film should be carefully considered.

Some tips for you when you choose cover film:

  1. Choose the longevity cover type.

To save the costs in building, an affordable cover film which is suited with the investor budget will be selected. This affects the quality of the product. You should think about you must replace the cover greenhouse earlier than planned (because of quality). This is unexpected and the cost of replacing does not save. So if you choose a reputable manufacturer or a reputable supplier, the cover film life is increased, you will not have to spend cost for replacing it. You should consider between the price and the quality.

2. Choose the type of cover film that suits for your plants.

Plants react well under diffuse light. Cover film always given this, it supports plants for growing fastest and healthy. If the cover is kind of low light diffusion, the heat inside the greenhouse will be increased faster. And if it is the high light diffused greenhouse cover, the temperature inside the greenhouse will not be hotter. So when using the low light diffused greenhouse cover, ventilation measures must be used.

3. Consider the climate .
If the weather is cool investors should pay attention to moisture and precipitation, waterproofing membranes will be the best choice. This affects the yields. If the area is hot the high light diffused greenhouse cover must use type, the heat inside the greenhouse do not pass limits of crops, especially summer.

4. Choose a reputable supplier.

VPEB GREENHOUSE is proud to be a reputable supplier the imported greenhouse films, when using the product are provided by leading brands in the high tech agriculture around the global, the investor will not worry about the quality of products. Competitive price for agricultural development of our country.

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Partners provide cover film

Quality is a prerequisite that VPEB GREENHOUSE always towards,

To get the best cover, VPEB GREENHOUSE has selected partners specializing in providing the standard cover films from Europe and Israel.


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