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Greenhouse for nursing seedling

Seedling is an important factor that determines the quality of agricultural products.  Building a standard greenhouse structure is the first step in hi-tech agriculture. Depending on the demands of the investor, VPEB Greenhouse has launched a nursing seedling greenhouse design which is suitable for all natural conditions.

These following requirements must be complete:

  • The placement of the nursery must be adequate of light.
  • Water from clean sources, it is filtered through the filter and the pH is controlled.
  • Good soil structure.

Technical specifications

1. Greenhouse specifications

Column D76, thickness 1.8 mm, framing is used high-intensity strength galvanized steel pipe
Aperture: 9.6 m (or other requirement)
Height to gutter: >4m
Height to the roof: >8m
The pillar is firmly fixed by concrete
The fixed roof is covered by an anti-insect net 32 mesh
Sliding doors, steel frames, and film coating
The greenhouse is covered with 200 μm cover film. (Israel, Belgium, Korea) (Diffused greenhouse film 50% or 75%)
Balcony for sliding wind direction
Walls are covered film and anti-insect net to create the space for circulation inside and outside of the greenhouse.

2. Arrangement

Based on the requirements of the investor
Maximize the area
Pillars are used steel galvanize V50, thickness 3.5mm
Concrete pouring into pillars.

The device comes with:

Convection fan system, internal and external ventilation
Automatic shading system
Irrigation: Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, etc.
Spectral light system
Automatic control system
Control system: humidity, air, temperature, etc.


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