VPEB GREENHOUSE desires to cooperate with the investors to become a reputable and quality supplier, with our technical, design and consultant team, we will support the customer to achieve productivity and quality as requirements.

Automatic irrigation system ensures that the plants are regularly irrigated. The plants grow well and high productivity. It also helps the investor to save water, operating time and costs.

VPEB GREENHOUSE specializes in providing irrigation systems at reasonable prices and offers high efficiency for customers, we try to solve the investment costs. The irrigation equipment is recommended for using by VPEB is to meet the criteria of the customer, such as: easy for operating, high efficiency, reasonable price, etc.

In addition, the irrigation system provided by VPEB GREENHOUSE easily integrates the automatic irrigation program, labor cost savings and maintaining irrigation yield. Nutrition is planted through the irrigation system and it is suitable for different crops. These things are avoided deficiency or excess nutrients that affects productivity or leaves residues in agriculture products.

The irrigation equipment is advised by VPEB GREENHOUSE:


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