Double side fixed roof greenhouse definition

Greenhouse with 2 side fixed roof is quite popular in Vietnam.

Greenhouse with 2 side fixed roof is designed with a small roof above the two large arches, it is created two air vents at the top of the roof. 2 vent supports limit the temperature which will be increased the greenhouse inside, raising air stratification, and cooling efficiency in a sunny day. At the same time it controls the condensation of water vapor.


Greenhouse with 2 side fixed roofs are linked together, it is suitable for all cultivation areas from the households to the farms.

Two vents will take advantage of the wind from the outside, to get more wind for cooling inside the greenhouse.

Spare parts which are separately designed by VPEB will be used in linking upper arch, lower arch, pillars and gutters. These elements create a solid framing. Double side fixed roof greenhouse is capable of withstanding in the strong wind, heavy hanging load as requirement of the investor.

The gutters is equipped with zigzag wire, this link effectively increases the connection between cover film and gutter, water leakage into the greenhouse is eliminated and avoided water on the cover film,

Mô hình nhà kính mái hở 2 bên

Technical specifications

Single side fixed roof greenhouse (Aperture: 9.6m)
Column D76, thickness 1.8 mm, framing is used high-intensity strength galvanized steel pipe
Aperture: 9.6 m
Height to gutter: 4850 cm
Height to the roof: 8900 cm
The pillar is firmly fixed by concrete
The fixed roof is covered by an anti-insect net 32 mesh
Sliding doors, steel frames, and film coating
The greenhouse is covered with 200 μm cover film. (Israel, Belgium, Korea)
Balcony for sliding wind direction
Walls are covered film and anti-insect net to create the space for circulation inside and outside of the greenhouse.

The device comes with

Convection fan system, internal and external ventilation
Automatic shading system
Irrigation: Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, etc.
Spectral light system
Automatic control system
Control system: humidity, air, temperature, etc.

Technical drawings of the double side fixed roof greenhouse

Nhà kính mái hở cố định 2 bên
Nhà kính mái hở cố định 2 bên

The actual image

(VPEB GREENHOUSE – Double side fixed roof greenhouse)


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