Water filter

Water purification equipment is an indispensable element of an automatic irrigation system, especially in drip irrigation and sprinkler systems. A well irrigation system is based on a water filter, the filter is designed to ensure that the water flows into the clean irrigation valves, without residue to block the irrigation pipe. In addition, the filter helps to extend life and cut down the maintenance costs for the entire irrigation system. For drip irrigation systems, the filter is really important, It has the role of preventing droplets from being blocked by sand, algae, etc.

Manual Disc filter

Product Features

  • Deep filtration area,
  • Increases the efficiency of filtering.
  • Differential pressure at the compressed region.
  • Manual filter cleaning is designed flexibly.
  • Filter and retain a significant amount of solids.
  • Completely anti-corrosive.
  • Variety of filter holes: 40-140 mesh.
Hệ thống lọc nước trong nhà kính
Hệ thống lọc nước trong nhà kính


Đặc tính đĩa lọc
Hệ thống lọc nước trong nhà kính
Hệ thống lọc nước trong nhà kính

Automatic membrane filter


  • Automatic power filter for cleaning combination of innovative filter media or scanning technology.
  • Reverse water discharge technology, ensure 100% screen cleaning after 1 cleaning procedure.
  • Active power allows all pressure in the pipe to be used for cleaning.
  • Minimize waste water during filtration: less than 1%.
  • Uninterrupted flow during filter discharge.


  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 2.0 bar.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar.
  • Filter pressure loss: less than 0.1 bar.
  • Maximum water temperature when filtering: 600C.
  • Filter Size: 80010 micron.
  • Operating voltage: 12 / 24V DC, 110/220 single phase; 220480 3 phases.
  • Control voltage: 12 / 24V DC, 24/110 / 220V AC.
  • Filter material: plastic or stainless steel.
  • Water flow through the filter: 44000 m 3 / h / 1 filter.
Thiết bị lọc màng tự động
Thiết bị lọc màng tự động

Semi-automatic membrane filter

Lọc màng bán tự động
Lọc màng bán tự động


  • From 2 “to 14” for filter capacity from 30m3 / h to 1000m3 / h
  • The filter can be replaced from 3500 to 50 micron.
  • Excellent corrosion protection, good quality as steel coating.
  • Possible semi-automatic washing.


  • From 3/4 “to 3” for filter capacity from 2.5m3 / h to 50m3 / h
  • Easy maintenance: the filter element is easy to remove and clean.
  • The filter can be replaced from 3500 to 50 micron.
  • Possible semi-automatic washing.


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